My Plays

Office Romance 

When office ambition clashes with personal romance, Layla and Marni find themselves caught up in the head spinning craziness of falling in love and running into a future with a new boo.

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Desert Stories for Lost Girls

Young Carrie is thrown into a world of memory, danger, and mysticism as she seeks to uncover her grandmother’s past. She must follow the story into the high deserts of Northern New Mexico, where she comes face to face with her dirty family secrets.

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Lights Out

Is love a curse? After Marlo loses her first big love, she wonders if a person can be genetically unloveable. As a Californian, present-day noir heroine Marlo must go down a psychedelic rabbit hole to find out the truth. She's joined by a chorus of ghosts, her hippie mother, and a talking chihuahua.

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Ten Minute Plays

From a story about two women who steal a dog to an imagined view into Art Garfunkel's day in New York, these ten minute plays, are sure to bring a smile to your face! Titles include: The Dog, Art Garfunkel's Day Out, and PMDD: a Period Piece.